Title: The 7: Banksy Under Siege – An Immersive Exhibition Supporting Ukraine

Website: https://www.banksy7.org/

Key Highlights of the Exhibition:

  1. Provocative and Impactful Art: The exhibition showcases seven thought-provoking artworks by the elusive street artist Banksy, each depicting the resilience of Ukraine amidst the backdrop of conflict and struggle.
  2. Interactive Audio Tour: Visitors can deepen their engagement and understanding of the artworks with our comprehensive audio tour available on the website. This immersive experience guides you through each piece, exploring the themes, artistic analysis, and the context of their creation.
  3. Direct Impact: In partnership with Razom, a non-profit dedicated to building a democratic and prosperous Ukraine, we’re making a real impact. All proceeds from this presentation go directly towards Razom’s initiatives, specifically the Co-Pilot Project, aiming to improve the quality of neurosurgical and reconstructive surgery in Ukraine.

More About the Exhibition:

‘The 7: Banksy Under Siege’ immerses visitors in the poignant realities depicted in Banksy’s art. Each piece serves as a testament to the strength and tenacity of the Ukrainian people, even amidst conflict and struggle.

About Razom:

Razom, meaning ‘together’ in Ukrainian, is a leading non-profit organization committed to addressing the urgent needs of Ukrainians affected by ongoing conflict. As a 501c(3) organization, Razom is deeply involved in providing essential aid and fostering enduring change in Ukraine’s medical field, specifically in advanced neurosurgical and reconstructive plastic surgery.

Contact Information:

For more information about ‘The 7: Banksy Under Siege’ exhibition, please visit https://www.banksy7.org/.